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I don't know about you....but this book really "hit the spot" for me by combining my two favorite things, sex and weed. I couldn't be any more excited about picking this book up. There is so much good advice from Mamakind all throughout the book and each tidbit is as helpful, sexy, and humorous as the next. She answers all the questions you don't feel comfortable asking-from fetishes to foreplay to polygamy and everything in between. There are lots of fun-to-do quizzes all through the book as well which are sometimes scary accurate. I've never picked up a book like this, but I'm really glad I did...which is not something I can say for all my past sexual experiences if you know what I mean. Unlike some sexual encounters that you may later on regret, this book provides the full thrill experience of your favorite time-and it's something I would surely repeat! A sexy and stoney read to share with your friends, partner, but most importantly yourself. ;)
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Sex Pot: The Marijuana Lover's Guide to Gettin' It On
the marijiana lover's guide
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Wow Mamakind can write and what an imagination. Highly informative -guys you'll love this book. Mamakind speaks openly about sex and pot and subjects we all think about but surely aren't comfortably open about -Highly suggest this book to all -hmm maybe not pat robertson though?