Couples Masturbating With Fleshlight:
Mutual Masturbation for couples !
Mutual Masturbation for couples ! - Masturbation is the self-manipulation of sex organs for pleasure. Both sexes can masturbate, but studies reflect that males generally masturbate more often then females. Males masturbate by stroking the penis and/or testicles until they ejaculate. Females masturbate by manipulating the clitoris until they reach orgasm.
About 3 weeks ago I showed my husband this website and he thought that it was pretty darn great. I gave him a big surprise when I pulled out a gift for him. Now remember , I showed him this website first and the first thing that can out of his mouth was "No you did'nt  - you got us a fleshlight?  That evening I worked his cock with the fleshlight, he is still smiling and every night i make him my sex slave - what a great male toy - satisfied housewife :) Order your fleshligh today - click here !
Mutual Masturbation for couples !
Ladies, manipulate the stick - guys love mutual masturbation and they will love you for getting them off with Fleshlight. Just the site of you holding their Fleshlight will get their manhood to rise - firm and hard.
Many couples have found that Fleshlight enhances foreplay and guy's using Fleshlight will improve your stamina in bed. If you want to be the best, you’ve got to practice. Practice your strokes like a pro, with Fleshlight you’ll have everything you need to become a master in the bedroom.
Ladies -- your man is going to simply love Fleshlight. And for mutual masturbation it is the perfect sex toy to initiate mutual masturbation.
Couples Masturbating Together !
Couples masturbating with Fleshlight is the new bedroom chic !
Mutual Masturbation Tips & Techniques !
Couples Masturbating With Fleshlight:
The #1 Couples Sex toy !
Adding sex toys.Sex toys can add a lot to both solo and mutual masturbation. For starters, toys remind us that sex is play, and lots of times it’s just meant to be silly fun. Sex toys also provide a kind of strong, consistent stimulation that we can’t create on our own. Introducing sex toys during mutual masturbation can also be a great way to bring sex toys into your partner sex, and it makes room for you showing your partner first how you like to play with sex toys before they take over.
Masturbating each other.While most of us might think that a hands-off-each-other approach is what defines masturbation, dictionary definitions of mutual masturbation usually include touching each other and there’s no reason not to blur that line. This might include you focusing on another part of your partner’s body while they masturbate, or you might be right in the center of the action. You might use parts of each others bodies in your own masturbation technique. Or maybe you come in right at the end, to help out with the big finish.
My boyfriend and I have never done this before, but we both visited the site and decided to order the Fleshlight. We decided to use Fleshlight as the appetizer to get things going. It was a little awkward at first; but once I got the rythm going jerking him off with Fleshlight it got me excited. My boyfriend turned his gaze to me and it was exciting to see how much pleasure he was getting from watching me. It was awesome. It was also kind of nice and a fun change of pace to jerk my boyfriend off. Fleshlight is really a pleasure toy.Tt was a fun way to be quasi-kinky without going too far. I think we'll masturbate together again,with Fleshlight. Could you recommend  some sex positions for us to try. I'm feeling really open to being a freak in bed. jose_023
Couples masturbation is really a very safe way to have sexual relations without actually having them. Of course if you have had sex with your partner already chances are this kind of foreplay is going to lead to the heavy duty stuff, but if not, this might be a wonderful way to get closer for those who are just not quite ready to go all the way.

Mutual masturbation is a way in which both parties can feel good, have fun and have an amazing orgasm, all without touching. There is not even any need for condoms or birth control as long as the penis and its semen keep their distance from the vagina.

You can masturbate with Fleshlight anywhere.  Do it in a chair, on the floor, the bed or in the car, anyplace is a good place to masturbate together as long as it is not public and illegal. You can lie close to each other or play with yourselves across the room from one another, it doesn’t matter as long as you are in this together. Mutual masturbation is a very intimate and erotic way to sexually please yourself and your partner.
Mutual Masturbation As Foreplay !
There is absolutely no reason to feel guilty for masturbating even though you are married. Most men and women do indeed continue to masturbate when they are in a relationship, and it does not mean that there is anything wrong. In fact, research shows that those people who masturbate more also have more (and more satisfying) sex.
People have sex, as well as masturbate, for all sorts of reasons.

Often men and women feel like having an orgasm or pleasuring themselves as a quick stress reliever, as a "pick-me-up", or just because they are very aroused but don't want to go through the whole process of sex. Many couples masturbate together because it is a very intimate sexual experience -- this is sometimes referred to as mutual masturbation. Masturbating "together" is practiced by couples during phone sex and cyber sex when they can't be together.
Masturbating is also a great way to learn about your own body, which invariably makes for better sex with a partner. Men can use masturbation as a way to learn how to control their orgasms, while women can learn how to have orgasms more easily.
Dear Fonda
Hey, jose_023, sounds like you're ready to go to the next level. Now that he has his toy, it's time to treat yourself - Order the Liberator Shapes Wedge/Combo - click here ! Liberator Sex Furniture is great for trying new sex positions. They are very comfortable and they put you in the right position for deeper penetration during sex.

Know one knows what goes on behind closed doors,  so I reccommend letting your hair down and doing whatever makes you feel good with your partner.
Mutual Masturbation
Fleshlight is a sex toy for men specifically designed to replicate the incredible sensation of sexual intercourse in order to help you find your rhythm and obtain peak sexual performance. For couples Fleshlight is like a workout at the gym, but in the privacy of your bedroom -- the two of you can workout and have fun, Too!
Sometimes people feel that if everything was perfect in a sexual relationship, then neither partner would "need" to masturbate. Nothing could be further from the truth. Simply put, good sex begets more good sex -- in all its forms. In fact, many couples masturbate together and find it a very enjoyable part of their relationship. Honestly, there is no need to feel guilty. Listen to the good doctor: Masturbation is good for you!
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Couples Masturbating Live On Webcam !
Couples Masturbating Live On Webcam !
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