Be the first to see the new celebrity sex tape. Toastee Exposed. The 40 minute rump stars Toastee, the VH1 reality show "Flavor of Love 2" contestant made popular by former rap artist Flavor Flav. The DVD and downloadable tape titled Toastee Exposed is being distributed by Vivid Entertainment. Be the first to watch the Toastee sex tape! Toastee is a fetish dominatrix that specializes in trapping men between her thighs.
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Erin Daye world's Largest Gangbang !
Be the first to see the new celebrity sex tape. Toastee Exposed. The 40 minute rump stars Toastee, the VH1 reality show "Flavor of Love 2" contestant made popular by former rap artist Flavor Flav.
Toastee - who earned her nickname when reality star Flava Flav noticed Toastee's aptitude for liquor - denies ever being a stripper, nor is there evidence of Toastee being a mother. But she has parlayed her God-given assets in order to make a quick buck.
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Mike South stopped by to do an interview with me prior to the gangbang; and we had a photographer from the Lion's Den paper come by to do a quick photo set with me. We all took a break about 3p so the girls could get ready for action. We all took showers in the beautiful facilities provided by the club. I actually sat out in the crowd while I had my makeup done so I could eat pizza with everyone.

We started the gangbang at 4:30p with Autumn Hotlips at station one, Lisa Sparkxxx at station two and me on the stage at station three. As promised we did 50 minute rounds with ten minute breaks. The guys were really lined up and ready to go. About 30 minutes into round two Lisa Sparkxxx decided that she was done and didn't want to go on. Lucky for me, my friend AmberFoxxx stepped in and stepped up to the plate. She was awesome and I am eternally grateful for her help. We took guy after guy and went at it like crazy people. I looked up and the guys were still lined up ready to go. We even had several girls participate with their strap-ons; which was very hot! When it was time for a break there was a huge sigh from the crowd that they would have to wait a few minutes. Breaks were very important to us (the girls). We got cold drinks, had smoke breaks, iced ourselves down and put our feet up. Ten minutes to accomplish all that and then back to action.

We had a blast and got blasted several times. My final number was 464. We didn't break the record, but we had a damn good time trying. It was a great experience! I want to thank everyone...Club Princeton staff/members that were so friendly and helpful; Autumn Hotlips, AmberFoxx, the sexy, lactating club member girl that decided to help us out with fluffing; special thanks to site member Randy who was the marathon man, Big Dick Johnson and most of all our site member Waterox who not only participated in the gangbang but helped with setup, cameras and helping get things for us during our breaks (you're truly a special guy); thanks to our special security staff, you guys were wonderful; and thanks to all you guys and girls, site members or not, who traveled all the way to Columbus to participate in the gangbang. I hope you all had as good a time as we did. Finally a special thanks to Kyle, my webmaster and partner, who coordinated, promoted, organized and filmed his ass off. Thanks for always taking care of business and having my back.

A very special thanks to all of our event sponsors, they are: it is.......the gangbang wrap-up.
Erin we all still Luv YOU !

I enjoy working with couples, since I am very bi-sexual, I find that working with couples is a perfect area for me. Many couples come to the Bunny Ranch and are looking to broaden there sexual horizons. We will take time, get to know one another and always make sure that the female of the couple is comfortable, and ready for a new experience. The FEMALE of the couple is always the one to set the "boundries" for the experience. She makes the rules, always!!!


Do you have a particular fetish in mind. Since the Bunny Ranch is "NOT JUST SEX BUT AN EXPERIENCE", all people with fetishes are welcome. We can do all those things that you don't speak about in everyday life. We can get as KINKY as you want to get. Including but not limited to Extreme Deep Throat BlowJobs, Bondage and Domination, Forced Fem, Extended Oral, Greek, Light Spanking, Hard Whipping...and so on, you get the point. Nothing is off limits in Erin's room. Specialty parties are more expensive than straight Half & Half, but I have never had a disapointed customer.


All Nevada Brothel Girls are tested for STD'S each and every week to insure a safe and clean party. We don't won't you leaving with anything you didn't come with except some great memories. All sex at The Bunny Ranch is performed with condoms, that is State law, and is for your saftey and mine

Erin , U2ez was proud to be a sponsor for your goal - the World's Largest Gangbang. We know you were a little down after the gangbang, and it's good to hear from you. You're a winner. Personailty Plus and that smile !
I know you all are anxious to hear about what happened in Columbus. First of all, I want to thank the members that traveled to be with me. It was so awesome meeting you guys and being able to play with you on Thursday and party a little with you on Friday night. I appreciate your support and the effort you took to participate in the gangbang.

We arrived in Columbus late Monday (5/14) and just kicked back in the hotel to relax. Tuesday was spent meeting with the club owners and deciding on a set up for the gangbang...where the girls would go, how we would route the crowds, where the registration table and check-in would be...stuff like that. Wednesday, the other girls arrived, as well as camera help and security staff. Most of us spent the majority of the day setting up lights and cameras and making sure that everything was ready for Thursday morning.
The big day...started early with breakfast at the hotel at 8am. After breakfast most of the crew headed over to the club to start registration at 10am. When we arrived we already had guys waiting to sign in. Registration started at 10a and was set to end at 2p, but with the continuing phone calls and emails we decided to leave it open-ended. We had all the guys and girls that were going to participate fill out paperwork, gathered their copies of their blood tests and copied their IDs. All the guys were given DCs (Dick Checks) to make sure that everyone had no signs of visible problems and gave each guy a wristband with a number. Tested guys got one color wristband and untested guys got a different color.
Working at the Ranch just came natural to me, after being in the Adult Entertainment business for many years. Below you will find some specifics about me, about the type of parties I do; what my specialties are; and some good information for the "first timer" or the "Brothel Veteran".

The Bunny Ranch is a legal, licensed Brothel in the State of Nevada.
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We know how much of a sex freak you are (464 cocks) for black cock so we're posting this picture of Jean Michaels - just for you ! Hope it brings a smile to face and a twitch to your cunt! Erin's Website - Click here !
Erin Daye
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Visit Erin's Website - Click here !
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