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World gang Bang Record. A gang bang typically is a form of group sex where a person has sexual relations with three or more partners and is not to be confused with a threesome. Gang bangs vary in activity, but most gang bangs include sexual intercourse, oral sex, and masturbation performed on a person. In many heterosexual gang bangs, vaginal intercourse and anal sex are combined, and performed on a woman by two men simultaneously. This activity is called double penetration, and is sometimes accompanied by a woman giving a third man a blow job.
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In 1995, a 22-year-old gender studies student named Grace Quek decided to break a world record by having the "world's largest gang bang" -- she had sex with 251 men in a ten hour period while the entire event was videotaped. The results became the subject matter of this documentary, which premiered in competition at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. In addition to fame and notoriety, was Grace (now known as Annabel Chong) seeking to fill a void in her life, or was this simply a troubled story of delusion, self-destruction and a repressed childhood? We find that Annabel saw this feat as an empowering act, a step forward in her self-styled feminist movement. Yes, she was repressed as a child (and is still condemned by her Asian parents for her shameful acts). Yes, Annabel is self-destructive, mutilating herself and accepting pornography as an alternate source of acceptance and financial compensation. But is there more to her than that? Is there any hope that she may rise above her mental anguish and put the pieces of her life back together? Both powerful and depressing, this documentary contains explicit graphic sex and self-mutilation
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