How To Perform Deep Throat !
I bought this book the moment I saw it for the simple reason that I'm interested in anything that has to do with sex. Perhaps I'm more outspoken than I should about it, but I'm only telling the truth and no one should be berated for doing that. When I realized that it was a book dedicated exclusively to fellatio I felt kind of surprised because I thought that there was not too much that one could say about the matter, and definitely not enough to fill the pages of a book all by itself. In the end though, I've changed my mind. There was indeed a lot to say, and there was, I hate to admit it, a lot to learn concerning fellatio.
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Melinda Holmes is the author of numerous award winning fiction and non-fiction erotic stories and books. She writes about the relationship issues of sex and love that tantalize and excite men and women throughout the English speaking world. Her fans number in the millions, and can be found in all levels of society. Her breezy, light and easy take on the pleasurable battles of sexual combat charm thousands of readers daily.
Melinda Holmes