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"Twerking" - Solo Pleasure - Masturbating on the dance floor !

I haven't really seen one bad comment about my twerk video," Miley said after her original twerking video debuted. "This is the first thing! All right, I can't sing, I can't act, I'm dumb, I'm a hillbilly, but I can twerk, so whatever!"

Miley Cyrus shocked the world viewing audience at the 2013 MTV VMA. What was all the fuss about? "Little Hannah Montana came onstage and got "down and dirty" - "Twerking" ! What Is It, Why Is It Happening and How Do You Do It? Urban Dictionary defines twerking as "the act of moving/shaking ones ass, buns, bottom, buttocks, bum-bum in a circular, up-and-down, and side-to-side motion. "You can make it wobble, boomerang, bounce, clap, etc." Twerking has actually been around since the early ‘90s and is a ghetto dance craze. Because of Miley, everyone will be twerking. To learn more and how to twerk - click here !

Miley Cyrus
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Tweet Boogie

Always representing The South Bronx, Tweetie is devoted to the street styles of Hip-Hop. She has traveled all over the world, teaching in Japan, Poland, China, The Philippines, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and South Africa to name a few. Her passion has lead her to work with top artists like Jay-Z, Fergie, Shakira, and recently Kanye West. She has also worked with Luther Brown as an assistant choreographer on "So You Think You Can Dance Canada," and has done commercials for iPod, NIKE, and STRIDE GUM. Tweetie was also the host of MTV's "Dances From The Hood" On Demand. Two of her biggest clients were Gail and Oprah from "The OPRAH Show," whom she showed some of the latest hip-hop moves as a guest choreographer.
Get ready to tear it up! Dancer/choreographer TweetBoogie shows you how to twerk.

What's up everyone? My name is Tweety and I am here to teach you how to twerk. Hey! So okay. First you want to start with placing your hands on your hips. You need to know which direction your hips are going in, okay? So what you want to do, feet apart. Good. Bend your knees. Good. Now you want to make sure your feet are turned out and your knees are over your toes, okay? So you can't be parallel. That's going to feel weird. Turn them out. Good. Place your hands on your hip bones. Now, for your hips to go forward you're want to take your thumbs and press on your butt bone. Press on the back so your hips can go forward first, okay? So you're going to go press, press, press, press. If you press, then you know that your hips are going forward, okay? So press, press, press, press. Now, if you want the hips to go back, take your fingers, press back. So you've got to pull back on your own hip bone. Pull back, okay? Squat. Get a nice good squat so the only thing you can move is your hip section. So you have back, back, back, back. Good. So try it again. Forward, use your thumbs. Forward, forward, forward, forward. Back use your fingers to pull. Back, back, back, back. I'm going to give you forward action. You're going to squat. Place your hands over your knees. Good. Make sure that your wrists are turned out because it's not - didn't look like this, it wouldn't look like this. Turn them out. Good. And you're going to go boom, boom, boom, boom. Five, six, seven, eight. Boom, boom, boom, boom. Now if you were going out, you would go back, back, back, back. So now when you're learning how to twerk, when you actually do it it's faster. It's not as slow. You want to go to a certain tempo. Okay? So now when you're trying to twerk, hands over your knees. Good. You want to start with an arch which means your hips are going to go out. Don't start with your hips under. They should be out. And it feels like you're going to bring your hips down and under, right? Ta, ta, ta, ta, back, back, in, in. Alright. So now I've got my DJ playing a nice little cute song for everybody. It's not too fast, not too slow. Going to get your side action. Ladies, you ready? Good. So you've got to drop it like it's hot. Good. Now we're going to go forward. Hands on your knees and hands on your knees and make him say please. Five, six, seven, eight. And in, in, ta, ta, ta. Five, six, seven, eight. Ta, ta, ta, ta, ta. Now, you can do it with no hands whatsoever, okay? So here we go. Five, six, seven, eight. Ta, ta, ta, ta, ta. Double time. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Wooh! That's a workout. Your thighs are going to burn but you're going to look good, baby.
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