LIBERATOR SEX FURNITURE: The benefits of angling are obvious, but what about bounce? Any action on the Liberator Cube (with its carefully curved corners) quickly produces reverberations that translate into full body vibrations that crescendo&nbs
Enhance the thrill of sex and enjoy your sex life more with our Liberator Sex Furniture.  With the Liberator, you get a high quality product that will stimulate you to try new positions and new ways to stimulate each other during your sexual escapades. Each piece can be used individually or together to create a special Liberator shape specific to your desires. Click here: To watch our instructional video.
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The best bedroom sex furniture !
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Axis offers the best in sex play. Elevation and oomph! Elevation for presentation of what you love most and rounded pivot edge (the oomph) under knees for enhanced thrusting. Tapered contour allows for deepest penetration and access to the best Kama Sutra moves without restriction.  Learn more !
Liberator Ramp offers support with deep slope elevation, strategically lifting your lover’s hips to a Ramp-bunctious altitude of 12 inches. Teach your doggie-style some new tricks. Learn more !
Sex furniture never felt so good. More than pillows, this Combo's the perfect complement to more foreplay, hotter positions and unlimited creativity. Explore the many angles and diversity for oral sex, doggie-style and new, erotically-charged missionary positions - Learn more !
The Stage begs to be straddled, knees spread on either side, presenting the bum in a way no man can ignore--beautifully wide open. Learn more !
The perfect bedroom sex furniture for the dormitory. Often called the connoisseur’s serving spoon of choice, the Wedge delivers at a divine incline for deeper penetration and G-spot navigation. Always a favorite with the ladies. Learn more !
On a Cube she can effortlessly transition from lap dance to vertical sex (Lotus position for you Kama Sutra students).  You are going to be delighted with our sex furniture.Learn more !
Tilt it, tip it, dip it, flip it. Rock and roll!  The Scoop is a hump that rocks. It’s the wildest yet most supportive shape all rolled into one. Add motion to the mix and use the rocking platform for your doggie, oral, missionary, 69 and anything-goes sex. Learn more !
Seduction begins with Esse. It’s the ultimate in orgasm, perfection in positioning, a luxury chaise with killer curves and serious style. It inspires desires and, when paired with the Mini Scoop, offers endless opportunities in sexploration. Learn more !
The XXX-box for two
Divine incline for deeper delivery.
More positions than the Kama Sutra!
We call it sex modern.
An experience like no other.
The 9-inch high.
For sex that rocks!
Form follows function.
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Liberator Black Label Bedroom Adventure Gear is a class of romantic restraints that elevates fetishism and commands uncompromising quality. Each individual element is handcrafted by a highly skilled production artist, right here in the USA, who understands pleasure is in the details. When blindfolded and cuffed, the senses are heightened. Bondage and sensory deprivation magnify your feelings, increasing sensitivity and intensifying the sexual experience. With tethers and kitten-soft wrist, ankle and thigh cuffs you can discover light bondage, creating a dungeon in your bedroom. Or, gift-wrap your lover in red silk bows. Silk ties are a striking choice for simple bindings and playful restraints: wrists together, ankles bound or wrist-to-thigh. Perfect for tying to the head board, bed post, stripper pole - just use you imagination. Blessed be the ties that bind.
Bedroom sex furniture !
Bedroom sex furniture !
Bedroom sex furniture !
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Seductive submission begins with ESSE Black Label. Whether you and your partner are in for some R&R or some S&M, you’ll say "yes"to the Black Label version of ESSE.This naughty nympho love lounge is the ultimate in orgasm. Comes with a Mini-Scoop that increases the positioning possibilities click here !
Lock your lover to the Black Label Stage and fan the flames higher and hotter. The Stage has six attachment points to clip restraints to, offering boundless ways, positions and opportunities to tie-down. Perfect for beginners or the couple who is curious, but hesitant about bondage play click here !
Designed for bondage play.
Kinky Sex - comes with restraints.
Moisture-proof playscape for sex.
These supremely plush throws are specially lined to slurp up love juices, lubes, lotions and all the leftovers of sexual play. One side is an extraordinarily soft surface, the other is silky satin, making it a reversible, versatile, skin-tillating sex-scape. An inner moisture barrier ensures your bedding stays spotless. Toss it on top of sheets, sofas and fancy home furnishings that you want to shield from your throes of passion click here !
A modern version of the beanbag chair, Jaxx Sacs represent a more savvy, stylish and comfortable seating alternative. Imagine a pool of luxurious foam 3ft. high and 3 to 6ft. wide covered in soft microfiber. Become one with Jaxx as it engulfs you in its valleys then embrace and support your entire being. click here !
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Bedroom sex furniture - Our gear transforms ordinary beds and bedrooms into creative sex terrain by employing angles, elevations, curves, textures, environments and motion. We also help people of all sizes and shapes, even those with back injuries and other medical conditions, find comfortable ways to connect.
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Bedroom sex furniture for college dorm room !
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Couples are making the Liberator Ramp the #1 couples sex accessory for the bedroom.
An experience for her like no other
deeper penetration
take lovemaking to a different level
it provides comfort for longer lovemaking
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Liberator Sex Furniture was founded by two women and their husbands who had, from personal experience, understood that monogamy without new things to explore and fresh sexual perspective can be excruciatingly boring. Inspired by a magazine article that extolled the endless benefits of pillows during lovemaking, the four of them set out on a research and development odyssey that resulted in great new angles on sex and our first product line, Liberator.
Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear is a love-style brand that exists in a space where the act of love meets art & invention. Not prurient enough to be an "adult" product, yet too sexy to be considered mainstream, we imagined up the love-style category to define ourselves in a marketplace that hadn't seen anything like us before.
About Liberator Sex Furniture: Get out of bed and discover new sexual experiences with your lover. What masquerades as a coffee table or an elegant chaise lounge is actually a one-way ticket to orgasm! Different landscapes incite new sensations and arouse the senses. Elegant, modern furniture sculpted from foam and encased in lush microfiber, are conceived in love and created for comfort. Whether it’s R&R, a ménage à trois or an outright orgy, Liberator Sex Furniture can set the scene for seduction while remaining discreet and not revealing its dual nature. When not in play this modern foam furniture cradles your curves, helping to recharge your sexual energy.
Sex Furniture: Married couples and those involved in a long term relationship will enjoy the benefits of Liberator Shapes & sex furniture. Simply put - Liberator will spice up your sex life. Sex will be great because of comfort and positioning.Sex Furniture: Notice how the body is elevated - perfect position for deeper penetration. Guys forget those male enhancement products. With Liberator regardless of your penis size - you can give your lover deeper penetration.Sex Furniture: The perfect position for great oral sex. Lie back and enjoy great sex with Liberator sex shapes bedroom gear. The ramp is the perfect starter piece.Sex Furniture: Try unlimited sex positions with Liberator shapes bedroom gear and sex furniture. Great sex is all about comfort and positioning. Your lovemaking sessions will last longer.Sex Furniture: Total satisfaction. Assume the position and let your lover have his way. For first time anal, Liberator is the way to go.Sex Furniture: The wedge - a little sex cushion that will bring you great results.Sex Furniture: The wedge/ramp combo is the perfect starter kit for couples. Unlimited positions designed for the sex freaks.Sex Furniture: The ramp is Liberators #1 sex accessory for the bedroom.Sex Furniture: Liberator Esse is for the sexual adventurer. Notice the tie-downs. Are you ready to explore your "kinky side" ?Sex Furniture: Blends right in with your bedroom decor. Experience the cube and see how much fun sex can be again !Sex Furniture: For sex that rocks. The scoop is designed for sex with a twist. Assume the position and let your lover rock you !Sex Furniture: Positiong and comfort equals great sex. Make a purchase today that will change the way you have sex.
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