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The Better Sex Guide is a resource for women, men and couples providing sex tips, techniques, health and positions
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New sex positions for hot sex . . . . .
Now, in the updated and revised edition, Ms. Locker has added even more titillating tips ("Ten Steps to Better Orgasms," "Straight Talk About Penises"), sexy sidebars ("More Fun Ways to Kiss"), and a host of other better-sex related issues, including advanced massage techniques, creating new and exciting sexual fantasies to share with your partner, and best of all, a number of new sexual positions. Like the first edition, The Complete Idiot's GuideA to Amazing Sex, Second Edition will be fully illustrated with tantalizing photos.
Complete idiots guide to amazing sex
If you are reading this - then you are having great sex. You just want to take it to another level becuase you know there is nothing like great sex. Our staff at had an amzing time reviewing all the great sex guides from A- to - Z. Whatever sex guide you are looking for we have it here.
In The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex, Sari Locker taught us all that sex doesn't have to be restricted merely to the old missionary position; she amply illustrated how to put some exciting sizzle into our sex lives, by casting aside inhibitions and experimenting with sexual positions that would have made the authors of the Kama Sutra blush.
You're no idiot, of course! You know there's more to sex than the missionary position, that oral sex doesn't mean talking about sex, and that safe sex doesn't mean doing it in a bank vault. But when it comes to having a truly amazing sexual encounter, you feel like there's just no sizzle in your sex life. You can make things hot! The Complete Idiots Guide to Amazing Sex has fresh advice on how to make smart sexual choices, cast aside your inhibitions, and keep your sex life exciting well into your golden years.
Complete idiots guide to amazing sex
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It's The Little Things That Lead To Great Sex !
The key to great and amazing sex is experimentation. Yes open your mind and try everything. Sex is to be consumed just like water and air is a must. A healthy and enjoable sex life is a must.
You are going to love The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex.
Fetish Sex
Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide For Couples
This book is written for the fetishist, for their lovers and for anyone who wants to make a fetish into a sex toy. Or, to maximize a fetish, figure out if you have a fetish, how to talk about it with a lover, "come out" about your fetish, or find community—or just hot porn. Most everyone has a fetish, and while sensationalizations are fun to watch, they often get their facts wrong, and miss the point that lots of people have really hot sex with their fetishes, and with lovers who share that fetish. No one's necessarily "sick", they're just having more fun than most.
Complete idiots guide to tantric sex
Complete idiots guide to tantric sex
What exactly is tantric sex? The Complete Idiots Guide to Tantric Sex explains the way of life the ancients knew and that we are rediscovering. People may be drawn to tantric practices hoping to enhance their sexual satisfaction. Whilst it does an amazing job of improving what you already know and enjoy, it also takes sexuality to another dimension entirely, an experience way beyond normal. Tantra is much more than a sexual teaching. Tantric practice can transform every aspect of your life, helping you to expand your physical health and vitality, emotional healing and expression, psychic sensitivity, satisfying relationships, creativity, and productivity.
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Yes, it is so true it is the little things that lead to great sex. You are probally thinking, what does that mean the little things. Well, let me ask ? When was the last time you surprised your lover with a romantic treat. Now be honest, we aren't talking about giving her gifts on the obvious days ( Valentine Day, a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas,  a new promotion, etc. etc. ect.) I think you get the point. Let me give you an example of doing a small thing that will bring both you and your lover great pleasure and excitment not to mention estacy.
This is guaranteed to spice up your sex life. It does not matter your sex. You do this and you will reap great sexual rewards. It's going to cost you a little money, but nothing in life is free, but this is well worth the cost. And again, I guaranteed it will work and bring about a pleasant evening with your lover.
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