How to Give a Blowjob (Fellatio) The Art of Deepthroat !
Blowjobs aren't just for men's pleasure. Many women say the feeling of control it gives them combined with the oral stimulation is a turn-on in its own right. And the more it turns her on, the more exciting it is for him. Read on for tips and techniques to make a blowjob an ultimately satisfying experience for all involved. 
Know what you're putting into your mouth:

Glans: The head of the penis
Frenulum: The underside of the glans; ** the most sensitive part **
Shaft: The length of the penis
Perineum: The area between the anus and the testicles
Testicles: Where sperm is made and stored for ejaculation.
The Anatomy 
Position yourself comfortably:

Start by teasing his penis - kiss, breathe lightly, whisper, tickle.
Switch to sucking. Create a vacuum by pursing your lips, then using them to surround his penis.
Thrust your mouth down over his penis while you suck.
Use your saliva as a lubricant.
Stroke with your hands while sucking.
Twist your hand as you move up and down on the shaft.
Switch hands occasionally for variation
There's more to the penis than meets the eye:

Take his balls gently into your mouth and suck.
Run your tongue along his perineum.
Lick his anus and see if he likes it.
Rub his balls gently as you suck the shaft.
It's your decision: Some like to take come into their mouth, some like to watch it shoot.
Both can be very sexy.
If you choose to take it in your mouth, you can swallow or keep a cloth or napkin nearby to spit into.
Know your partner and make good choices. Swallowing during oral sex on an HIV-infected man has been known transmit the virus.
Licking & nibbling is quite stimulating:

Run your tongue around the glans, then focus on the frenulum.
Flick your tongue back and forth and all around as you're sucking.
Lick the bottom of the shaft while using your hand to fondle the glans, and vice versa.
Take a deep breath before you take his penis into your mouth to relax your throat muscles.
This is to prevent gagging if you think his penis is going to touch the back of your throat.
Use your hand around the base of his penis to control how deep he goes into your mouth.
Try swallowing when his penis reaches the back of your throat. It kind of tickles.
You can start a blowjob when your partner's penis is flaccid and stimulate him to erection.
Pubic hairs in your mouth are normal. Just stop for a minute to take them out & then keep going.
Use a finger in your partner's anus to massage his prostate.
Pop an ice cube in your mouth or a mint for extra stimulation.
Run your hands over his inner thighs as your mouth moves on his shaft.
Keep your teeth away from his penis, or very, very lightly rub them against him while sucking.
Not all men come during oral sex. Don't worry if he doesn't - his orgasm is his responsibility, not yours.
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How to deepthroat !
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