How to Strap-on - Strap-on Sex
Strap-on Sex for Beginners !
Choosing a Harness
Double Trouble: Give it and get it equally with this great dildo harness for both men and women. Waist and leg straps adjust with D-rings, offering a wide range of fit and adjustment. Guys: The original idea behind this harness was to create a strap-on that men could wear comfortably. The opening allows a man to position a dildo above his own penis and testicles, allowing for single or double penetration of a partner. Gals: the strategic opening leaves the vulva accessible and will work with some double dildos. click here !
Benefits of Strap-on Sex
Is it okay for guys to let their wife's/gfs fuck them, do you think this could turn a guy gay, or is it just a bit of fun in the bedroom?
Men who enjoy pegging are able to obtain pleasure through the stimulation of their anus and prostate by the dildo. They may also enjoy the taboo aspect of the act. For some being penetrated is about dominance and submission, and being the receptive partner. Male-female strapon sex is often employed in BDSM femdom situations where the woman is the dominant partner.
Pegging - Having Strapon Sex with My Man  !
Are You Having Strapon Sex with Your Man ?
The act of pegging can be enjoyable for both partners: men may find stimulation of the anus, rectum, and adjacent organs, and particularly the prostate, enjoyable, provided that enough lubricant is used.

Women may get direct stimulation from the dildo, from its base, from an anal "butt plug", or in the case of a form of double-ended dildo, from vaginal penetration on the other end.
Basically, strap-on sex simply involves a dildo that is worn in a harness that fits snuggly over your hips. When women wear a strap-on the base of the dildo fits directly over the vulva. When men use one it fits right below his penis - actually creating two penises with which to play (the more the merrier). Strap-on harnesses can be designed for one or both of these scenarios.
Strap-ons allow your hands to roam free to focus on other areas of the body. Men get a bonus by enjoying experimentation with a different size penis from their own. It allows them to double penetrate their female partner both anally and vaginally. Men with erection difficulties (and their partners) find that strap-ons can help to compensate by creating a whole new option in sex play.
There are plenty of reasons to incorporate strap-on sex into your play. All couples can benefit from the shared experience of penetrating one another. It can even the power-playing field too, by increasing the control of the depth and speed of penetration. This can be especially great for women who have never penetrated their male partners. And most men are open to the experience. Who wouldn't love to relax and have a prostate orgasm handed to them?
When choosing a harness, comfort is everything. Many come in "one size fits all" adjustable elastic. Some have straps, buckles or D-rings. If you are larger or smaller than the average person, you'll want to clarify the size limitations before buying. If you aren't buying your harness and dildo together as a kit be sure that the dildo you're planning to use with your harness actually fits within the O-ring. Some harnesses allow for penetration of both partners simultaneously.
Pegging: When a straight woman penetrates her straight man using a strapon dildo. Having your wife/gf use a strap on with you is just fun in the bedroom.

Guys are you being boned in the ass by your girlfriend or wife ?
Pegging can open up a whole new world of erotic exploration for couples. In addition to the pleasure of anal sex and prostate stimulation, pegging can take your sex life to the next level with hands-free penetration, diverse position possibilities, and even fantasy role play.
Anal sex expert Tristan Taormino sheds light on this often misunderstood, yet incredibly sensual activity for couples in her legendary anal sex workshop; watch as she guides you step by step with tips and techniques for safe and pleasurable anal sex.

You`ll Learn About: - anal and prostate anatomy - top quality anal sex toys and lubes - the best strap-on dildos and harnesses - skills for wielding a strap-on - different positions for pegging - simultaneous pleasure and penetration for her and him Whether you are a backdoor beginner or a pegging fan, explore the ins and outs of this intimate form of sexual pleasure and discover how you can add it to your sexual repertoire!
Pegging can open up a whole new world of erotic exploration for couples.
Sex Education & Instruction - Expert Guide To Pegging
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Sex Lessions with Nina Hartley
Ask Nina

A person of any gender who has the courage to lead life according to the radical propositon that sex is nice and pleasure is good for you.
For The Curious Couple !
Pegging is a practice between consenting heterosexual couples to engage in anal sex. It is simply strap on sex between a man and a woman.
What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. The best source to learn about the sexual practice of pegging is to ask the expert.
If you and your partner are curious about pegging and you are opened minded we recommend you sign up for sex lessons with Nina Hartley.
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Pegging is no longer being considered a Taboo among hetersexual couples. Having your wife/gf use a strap on with you is just fun in the bedroom.

Want to broaden your sexual horizons and learn new sex techniques from pornstars. is the perfect website for couples seeking to take their sex lives to another level and to fulfil all your sexual fantasies.
As a couple you can ask Nina about pegging and Nina will take you step by step through the practice of strap on sex with your man - click here !
Pegging my Husband !
Bonnie has just gotten her hands on a brand new strap-on, and one thing's for certain- she's going to fuck her husband into oblivion! Can she get him to agree to some anal exploration outright, or will she have to take drastic measures?

Warning: this 3600 word erotic short story contains explicit sex, pegging, femdom, blindfolds, light bondage and sex toys.

This story is also available as part of Husband on His Knees (Femdom Erotica Bundle).

An excerpt for adults only:

Bonnie stood back to admire her husband standing there naked before her, flushed and eager and getting harder by the second. She shimmied out of her own pants and panties, not caring where they ended up. She stepped in and leaned up on tiptoe to kiss him face to face, neither of them craning their necks.

His kiss was gentle, but she turned it rough and demanding. She wasn’t in the mood for soft touches and assurances of love. She wanted a fuck, something rough and animal and purely physical. She thought of her brand-new dildo stashed away in the toy chest beneath the bed and shivered. She’d be using it, oh yes.

She mirrored what he’d done to her earlier, licking and kissing across his neck and collarbone, but she punctuated it with bites, half-moon crescents that stood out stark and angry red on his skin. His gasps and groans had a different, wonderful quality; aroused but edged with pain, rawer and lower than usual.
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