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i love wearing my leather spanking skirt and bending over and getting spanked.
Leather Spanking Skirt (small/medium)
Made for the true spanking enthusiast, this skirt will not disappoint !
Now you can put your bad girl or boy in this and give them the spanking of a lifetime for disobeying your orders. Each skirt covers the front of your partner while the back exposes from the middle to the top of their ass, giving you a great target for any whip, cane, paddle or your good old hand.
Spank My Butt !
Spank My Butt - Spanking Lessons !
Spanking 101 and Other Tales . . . . .
Classic spanking story enthusiasts know the name T.J. Moore is synonymous with classic tales of spanking. Now available for e-readers, Moore’s timeless stories from the vaults of popular CF Publications are sure to please modern readers.

In Spanking 101 and Other Tales, women are given their bottom-burning comeuppances for all manner of grievances, from the curious but naughty Zoe who has her fantasies of spanking realized the hard way, to the female cop strapped on the bare by her politically incorrect boss for writing bogus tickets to the waitress with a bottom just made for the spanking it finally gets.

These stories are old-fashioned, graphic and sure to please enthusiasts of classic spanking literature.
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