What’s the Best LELO?

Searching for a Pleasure Object that meets all your needs and wants can be a challenge, especially when faced with the wide selection of offerings that LELO provides. Our designers toil away creating a variety of products that address a range of preferences and pleasure points. So what’s the best LELO product? The better question to be asked is; what’s the best LELO product for you?

If you’re a fashionista looking for the cutest accessory to compliment the contents of your purse or a jet-setter looking to minimize luggage, MIA suits the lifestyles of both the intrepid traveler and gotta-have-it gadget lover. Whether in baby-doll pink or elegant black, MIA packs some massive USB-rechargeable juice all in her discreet ‘lipstick-like’ exterior. 
Are you always finding yourself feeling like it’s never enough? For those who demand more intensity in an external vibe, SIRI might be just the thing to send you to the moon and beyond. LELO’s most powerful external massager, SIRI boasts a brilliant microprocessor that directs vibrations from a motor that doesn’t discriminate between clitoris and body for all-over stimulation. 
If you’re ambitious enough to explore new sensations you’ve only heard about, GIGI and BILLY are the perfect couple for that adventurous double-date. GIGI delicately tends to the lady’s G-spot while BILLY provides unparalleled stimulation to the prostate for added ecstasy. 
For the avid swimmer, snorkeler or otherwise aquatically-inclined, LELO’s INSIGNIA collection possesses the same stylish, body-friendly designs common to all LELOs, but in fully-waterproof forms. From the clever and versatile massager ALIA, the sublimely crafted ISLA to the seductive dual-action vibrator SORAYA, this product line won’t fail to engage the senses in a fully submerged experience.
For the lady who wants it all, INA is a dual-action ‘rabbit-style’ vibe that offers multiple pleasure over 8 different modes and 2 motors that deliver simultaneous and alternating (and simultaneously alternating) euphoric sensations, both external and internal. 

Thought we’d actually tell you what’s the best LELO? Nonsense. They’re all the best—it just depends on who you’re asking.

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